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Why should I pre-qualify for a mortgage?

Your ability to prequalify for a mortgage suggests to home sellers that you’re serious about buying a home, and that you can afford to buy homes within a specific price range. Prequalifying does not mean that you’ve been approved for a mortgage loan. Prequalifying can be considered a tool to use during your search for a new home. Here’s how prequalifying can help:

    • Establishes Affordability: A mortgage lender can prequalify you for a home loan based on your income, employment, and monthly debt obligations. This information provides an estimate of how much you can afford to pay based on standard underwriting criteria. 
    • Helps To Determine Your Price Range: It can be easy to waste time looking at homes beyond your financial reach. Don’t risk trying to buy a home that you can’t afford and financing it with a mortgage that may cause problems later. This is how home buyers can get into financial trouble. Prequalifying can provide a ball park price range for homes that you can afford to buy based on information you’ve provided.
    • Informs Sellers and Real Estate Professionals of Your Intent to Buy: If you prequalify for a home loan, your lender may provide a document indicating preliminary approval for a mortgage loan. This lets sellers and real estate agents know that you’re serious about buying a home, and not just looking to see “what’s out there” or how your neighbors’ homes compare with yours.
    • Suggests Goals for Buying the Home You Want: If you want to buy a home in a specific area or price range, but prequalifying suggests that you can’t afford it, you can determine how much additional down payment, income, or other assets you’ll need to achieve affordability.
    • Assists Lenders in Finding the Right Mortgage: When you prequalify, you’re not obligated to get a mortgage from the lender that prequalifies you, but prequalifying can establish a business relationship and provides potential lenders the ability to match mortgage loan options to your needs.


When prequalifying, it’s important to remember that prequalifying does not guarantee mortgage approval.

Being prequalified for a loan and having your loan approved are totally different.

charge an additional
fee to purchasers and sellers at closing as many other real estate
companies do.
Some brokerage firms call it an “administrative fee”
while others may refer to it as an additional commission.
We are pleased with the one
commission paid by the seller and we will NOT charge you an
additional fee.


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